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why plant a Flower Bulb?

Dramatic Spiky Blooms Make Cactus Dahlias A Garden Standout

Why Plant Cactus & Semi-Cactus Dahlias?

Cactus Dahlias are a surefire way to make an impression with their unmistakable spiky form. Flowers feature layered double blooms with long rolled petals that curve inward or outward in varying degrees. Semi-Cactus Dahlias have gently curved petals, while Cactus Dahlias feature dramatic thin and pointy petals. Their large blooms grow up to 8 inches across, but are relatively resilient to rain or wind, thanks to their sleek curves. Plant Cactus Dahlias to add standout blooms to your summer garden and cut flower displays.

Planting How-To’s

Cactus & Semi-Cactus Dahlia Bulbs Planting Guides