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why plant a Flower Bulb?

Looking for native wildflowers ideal for planting in the Pacific Northwest?

Why Plant Native Pacific Northwest Wildflower Seeds?

Restore habitat and strengthen ecosystems throughout the Pacific Northwest with these native wildflowers. Native plants are well-adapted to local growing conditions and can handle extreme swings in weather better than non-natives. Best of all they provide crucial food and habitat to wildlife, beneficial insects and pollinators. Choose from over 520 species native to the Pacific Northwest, including Geum, Vervain and Monkey Flower, or plant our Native Pacifc Northwest Mix for a colorful, long-lasting display.

Best for planting in: Northern CA, Western OR, Western WA and the Province of British Columbia. We’re proud to sell only 100% Pure, Non-GMO, neonicotinoid-free seeds.

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Planting How-To’s

Native Pacific Northwest Wildflowers Planting Guides

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