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Wildflower Learning Center

Wildflower Learning Center

Learn everything you need to know about growing wildflowers from the experts at American Meadows. 

How To Choose Wildflowers

A naturalistic planting or meadowscape with airy ornamental grasses and north american native plants

Expert advice to find the best seeds for your needs.

Poppies and colorful wildflowers bloom in front of a white picket fence

See at a glance which lawn alternative is best for you.

A birdfeeder stands in a field of brightly colorful wildflower seeds

Learn about our 3 types of wildflower seed mixes for your region.

Our Miswest Wildflower Seed Mix In Bloom

Classic, Pollinator, Native: find your favorite mix.

How To Grow Wildflowers

A birdfeeder stands in a field of brightly colorful wildflower seeds

Everything you need to know about wildflowers, with expert tips from The Seed Man.

A woman digging in and removing grass to prepare for planting wildflowers

Preparation is the key to success. Here are 6 techniques.

Mike The Seed Man Sowing Wildflower Seeds

Calculate the right amount of seed for your meadow.

Wildflower Meadow

Have questions about wildflowers? We're here to help.

Want More Planting Tips Or Individual Planting Guides?

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Wildflower Inspiration & Ideas

A birdfeeder stands in a field of brightly colorful wildflower seeds

Great ideas for replacing your lawn with wildflowers.

A smiling couple standing together in their colorful wildflower meadow

This couple traded lawn mowing for a meadow.

A stone house surrounded by colorful wildflowers in bloom

See our customers' colorful meadow come to life.

A Vermont Wildflower Meadow with a home and a beautiful mountain view

See The Seed Man plant this majestic meadow. 

We're The Wildflower Experts

At American Meadows, we have more than 35 years of experience helping homeowners and gardeners grow amazing wildflowers from coast to coast. In our learning center, you can learn how to choose the best wildflowers for your yard. Learn everything you need to know about how to grow wildflowers. And, get inspired with plenty of ideas for your yard. Whether you're a beginner growing your first wildflower meadow, or you are an experienced grower with a green thumb, we have the advice and seeds you need to succeed. Meadowscaping makes it better!

Have questions? Contact Us - We're here to help.