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Planting Bulbs at Fort Stanton Urban Farm

Doing Good With City Blossoms

City Blossoms cultivates the well-being of local communities through creative programming in kid-driven gardens. It collaborates with schools, early childhood centers, neighborhood groups, and community-based organizations to connect underserved communities to safe green space and garden-based programming, taking unused or underused land and creating urban gardens where children and youth use their creativity, intellect, and energy in new ways. Offering free and affordable in-school, after-school, and summer programming at 32 active sites for children (toddlers to teens) who would otherwise have little access to green spaces, the focus is healthy living skills, artistic expression, environmental stewardship, and community development. Dozens of neighborhood organizations, thousands of volunteers, and over 100 schools are part of the greening effort, fostering healthy communities by developing creative, kid-driven green spaces and innovative resources. 

Doing Good Together

American Meadows is proud to partner with City Blossoms and support their community driven efforts. In the fall of 2022, we supplied City Blossoms with over 3,000 bulbs for planting among 13 sites in Washington DC, including 10 gardens on educational campuses and three Community Green Spaces. Everyone is looking forward to enjoying the beautiful blooms come springtime when the crocus, daffodils, and tulips emerge!


Bulb Bash Giveaway!
Bulb Bash Giveaway!
A curious gardener observing the bulbs
A curious gardener observing the bulbs
Volunteer planting at Fort Stanton Urban Farm
Volunteer planting at Fort Stanton Urban Farm

More Information

Learn more about City Blossoms, and the exceptional work they do in Washington, DC. 

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Doing Good Through Gardening: Partnerships at American Meadows

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