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Colorful wildflowers in front of a bright sky blue background

Meadowscaping Learning Center

Meadowscaping: The process of envisioning and cultivating a naturalistic planting to change our lives, yards, and worlds for the better.

Meadowscaping is more than planting a seed or planning a garden – it transforms ordinary spaces into a celebration of biodiversity, a habitat for birds and insects, and a home for native plants, beauty, and harmony. Learn more about how you can transform your yard and join the Meadowscaping movement.

Meadowscaping Inspiration

Wildflower Meadow & Birdfeeder

Inspiration and helpful how-to guides for growing wildflowers from seed.

A meadowscaping planting with perennial plants and wildflowers

Check out 10 ideas for a meadowscaping makeover.

Wildflowers grow on a city sidewalk, with a yellow taxi parked at the curb

Wildflowers are the perfect solution to boost your curb appeal.

Monarda | Bee Balm and Bee

Plant recommendations and creative ideas for every outdoor space.

How To Choose The Right Seeds & Plants For Your Meadowscape

A birdfeeder stands in a field of brightly colorful wildflower seeds

Learn about our bestselling wildflower seed mixes.

A naturalistic planting or meadowscape with airy ornamental grasses and north american native plants

Find the right plants for a meadow, garden, or no-mow lawn.

Echinacea, Rudbeckias, and Russian Sage are easy to grow plants.

Whether you're a beginner or expert, we all love easy gardening!

Asters grow well in clay soil

Learn why native plants are so important, and find native plants for your state.

Helpful Growing Guides

A handful of American Meadows wildflower seed

Learn how to prepare and sow your seeds like a pro.

Perennial Echinacea and Black Eyed Susan flowers

Understanding plant lifecycles is key for a thriving meadow.

Microclover lawn

Ditch your traditional turf for a healthier, self-sustaining lawn.

Perennial Meadowscape

Learn more about growing our most popular perennial plants.

To find all of our helpful growing guides, visit The Tool Shed » 

More About American Meadows

Meadowscaping Makes It Better graphic: For Me, My Community, and The World

Better self, better community, and better world.

Meadowscaping along a sidewalk in a suburban neighborhood

Helping Americans set trends with better yard solutions.

A gardener at Urban Growers Collective holding donated Lavender Plants from American Meadows

Meet our partners who are making the world a better place! 

Wildflower Meadow

With 25 years of experience, we are the authority in meadowscaping. 

Welcome To The Meadowverse

Have you tried our new Better Yard Builder? It's a fun way to find plant solutions and get ideas for transforming your yard. Make your meadow today! 

An Illustration of a yard with a wildflower meadow border + A Button that says "Start Here"