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Our Garden Experts

At American Meadows, our friendly and enthusiastic Garden Experts are standing by to help you be successful in all your gardening and landscaping activities.

Many of our staff have completed a 13-week Master Gardener course that covers a wide range of subjects, including soils, garden pests and how to control them, vegetable and flower gardening, lawn care, and landscape design. To finish their training and receive their official certification, they are each required to complete 40 hours of volunteer time in various garden-related services within their communities. Several have already completed their volunteer hours (congratulations!) while others are still working hard.

When you contact American Meadows, you can be confident that you're reaching a knowledgeable fellow gardener.

Our passionate gardening experts include:

  • Mike "The Seed Man" Lizotte, who has been involved in all aspects of wildflower gardening since 1989. He's consulted with thousands of wildflower enthusiasts across the country for over 20 years. You have questions, he has answers...
  • Tabar Gifford, our Customer Service Manager and resident soil expert has also served as a Master Gardener Site Facilitator here in Vermont.
  • Leigh Couture, our Customer Service Asst. Manager is a Master Gardener and accomplished perennial grower, with a huge passion for houseplants.
  • Erin Morrissette, our E-Commerce Coordinator, has a degree in horticulture and keeps all of the latest products and information up to date on our site.
  • Three of our employees completed an intensive summer-long course in the local Community Teaching Garden in 2017; Casey Sullivan, our Staff Happiness Jedi, Kylie St. Francis, one of the happy voices answering your calls in customer service, and Christine Kucipeck, our Logistics Coordinator.
  • We also have a handful of lifelong gardeners, greenhouse growers, floral arrangers, former farmhands, and professional landscapers on our team who have no official titles, but seem to know the answers to all of our gardening questions when we're stumped.