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Dahlia Forms - Anemone - Ball - Decorative - Pompon

Discovering Dahlia Flower Forms: Find Your Favorite Flower

Over the centuries, plant breeders have developed thousands of variations of these beautiful blooms. Dahlias are native to Mexico and South America, and they have a long history of capturing the heart of people around the world. New Dahlias are generally classified by the diameter of their blooms, the style of their petals, and the overall shape of their flower heads.

We hope our broad selection of Dahlias will captivate you, too! Read on to learn more about the divisions of Dahlias, and the varieties that we offer at American Meadows.

Find Your Favorite Flower Form:

Dinner Plate Dahlias

When you grow these lush plants and flowers in your garden, visitors will take notice. Dinner Plate (or Dinnerplate) Dahlias are famous for their enormous double flowers that can grow up to 8-10 inches across. There’s nothing better than watching a child come face-to-face with a flower the size of their head! Plus, it only takes a few stems to create a full bouquet. Available in nearly every color of the rainbow, luscious Dinner Plate Dahlia blooms will be the centerpiece of your garden and stunning bouquets in late summer and fall. These are definitely the most popular, but the large, heavy blooms usually require staking.

Flowers: 8-10" across

Plant Height: 36-60" tall

Decorative Dahlias

Decorative Dahlias are the perfect choice for big blooms on upright, easy-to-grow plants. Available in a wonderful array of colors and styles, this is the largest and most varied designation of Dahlias. Large double blooms typically grow up to 5 inches across, ideal for filling cut flower arrangements with color. Petals may be broad and flat, or slightly curved. Plant Decorative Dahlias abundantly – you can’t have too many of these picture-perfect blooms!

Flowers: Up to 5" across

Plant Height: 24-48" tall


Ball & Pompon Dahlias

There's something magical about the intricate honeycomb form of these Dahlia flowers. Ball and Pompon Dahlias feature relatively smaller flowers compared to most Dahlias, with fully double, tightly packed petals creating globe-shaped blooms. Ball Dahlia flowers are typically 3-4 inches across, while petite Pompon Dahlia flowers are typically 1-2 inches across. The tightly-packed petals are long-lasting in cut flower arrangements, and the texture adds dimension to a flower border or cutting garden.

Flowers: Up to 4" across

Plant Height: Up to 48" tall

Cactus & Semi Cactus Dahlias

Cactus Dahlias are a surefire way to make an impression with their unmistakable spiky form. Flowers feature layered double blooms with long rolled petals that curve inward or outward in varying degrees. Semi-Cactus Dahlias have gently curved petals, while Cactus Dahlias feature dramatic thin and pointy petals. Their large blooms grow up to 8 inches across, but are relatively resilient to rain or wind, thanks to their sleek curves. Plant Cactus Dahlias to add standout blooms to your summer garden and cut flower displays.

Flowers: Up To 8" across

Plant Height: 24-60" tall

Anemone & Collarette Dahlias

These delightful Dahlias will make garden visitors do a double take, thanks to their distinctive texture and highly decorative form. Anemone Dahlias feature a pincushion-like center of tiny florets, surrounded by an outer ring of flat petals. Collarette Dahlias feature an open center, surrounded by an outer ring of flat petals beneath a ring of shorter, slightly ruffled petals. Plant Anemone and Collarette Dahlias to bring interest and whimsy to your summer garden and cut flower displays.

Flowers: 3-5" across

Plant Height: 30-60" tall

Single Dahlias

Single Dahlias stand out from the crowd. Unlike the typically dense clusters of petals that most Dahlias feature, Single Dahlia flowers have a daisy-like form, with broad petals surrounding a central orange disc. This open flower form is like a spotlight for pollinators, making it easy for bees and butterflies to stop for a snack. Typically on a relatively compact plant, these cheerful blooms grow up to 5 inches across, providing a welcome contrast in the flower border or cutting garden.

Flowers: Up To 5" across

Plant Height: Up to 24" tall

Peony Flowering Dahlias

A beautiful statement both in the garden and cut for summer bouquets! Peony Flowering Dahlias have an open daisy-like form, with two or more layers of broad, rounded petals around a central disc. This open flower form is like a spotlight for pollinators, making it easy for bees and butterflies to stop for a snack. Flowers typically grow up to 4 inches across, making them a versatile addition to any colorful planting.

Flower size: 4-6" across

Plant Height: Up to 38" tall 

Fimbriata Dahlias

Fimbriata Dahlias feature pointy, fringed petals that create a voluminous appearance for the large flowers. Dense petals create lush blooms, and elegantly fringed edges add texture, creating a refined yet playful appearance. The famous Fubuki series of Dahlia hybrids is famous for two things: for their densely-petaled flowers with split ends that create an extra-lush look, and for being one of the heaviest flower producers of all the large Dahlias. See also'Pinelands Princess' Fimbriata Dahlia.

Flowers: 4-6" across

Plant Height: Up to 48" tall

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