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Get This Look: Plant A Wildflower Lawn

Say goodbye to a boring lawn, and fill your yard with beautiful flowers. When you replace your lawn with wildflowers, you can reduce or eliminate mowing, watering, and fertilizing, and enjoy a yard filled with natural beauty. Get great yard ideas and inspiration from American Meadows customers across the country. 

Sunflowers, Cosmos, Coreopsis, and Baby's Breath Bloom in front of a stone farmhouse

All Annuals For Non-Stop Color

A colorful mix of annual wildflowers offers a cheerful display all growing season. Sunflowers, Coreopsis, Cosmos, and Baby’s Breath show off a mix of colors and flower forms. Mowing a small area around the house helps to balance the exuberance of the wildflowers.

Tips To Get This Look

  • The easiest way to get this look is to plant an all-annual wildflower seed mix.
  • Annuals have a one-year life cycle, so plant fresh seeds each year for the best results.

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Lupine and Blue Flax bloom in a monochromatic blue wildflower meadow

Monochromatic Meadowscaping

A sea of wildflowers in a single color has a calming effect that complements the beauty of the natural world. Emphasis on a single color makes a chic, bold, and memorable impression, while the texture of unique flower forms provides contrast. The mix of flower forms and heights creates rhythm to move your eye across the space. 

Tips To Get This Look

  • You can grow a monochromatic meadow in your favorite color by growing select individual wildflower species. Planting our single-color wildflower seed mixes makes it easy!
Sunflowers and Cosmos, bloom in front of a cheerful yellow home

Sunshine Cosmos & Sunflowers

This customer's sloping meadow features a mix of Cosmos and Sunflowers, two of our most popular annual wildflowers. Keeping a limited color palette shows intention, and the large bold blooms are just as enjoyable from a distance as they are up-close. Pairing tall wildflowers species helps the flowers support each to her as they grow skyward.

Tips To Get This Look

  • Plant 50% of the Sunflower seeds needed to cover your area, and 50% of the Cosmos seeds needed to cover your area.
  • Annuals have a one-year life cycle, so plant fresh seeds each year for the best results.
A wildflower mix just beginning to bloom in front of a Vermont home

A Classic Meadow Mix

Trade in your lawn for a showcase of colorful flowers! The exclusive Regional wildflower seed mixes from American Meadows feature over 20 wildflower species in each. With such a wide variety of flowers, there’s something new blooming all the time. You can brighten your yard with a rainbow of blooms.

Tips To Get This Look

  • The easiest way to plant a meadow that blooms the first year and for many years to come, is to plant a mix of annuals and perennials.
  • Our Regional Wildflower Seed Mixes are an easy way to get started!

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A wildflower mix just beginning to bloom in front of a Vermont home

Mike's Mini Meadow

Mike "The Seed Man" grows a lovely mini meadow in his front yard. The meadow includes favorite perennial wildflowers in the back, which grow back each year. In the front of the mini meadow, Mike plants fresh annual wildflower seeds each spring for a burst of colorful blooms. A grass walkway wraps around the house and creates a walkway around the meadow.

Tips To Get This Look

  • When removing your lawn, you can create an organic, curving flower bed to wrap around your yard. 
  • Add birdfeeders, bird houses, and pollinator hotels to invite flying friends to call your yard home.

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