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How To Store Your Seed For Next Season

mason jars full of flower seed
It's easy to store seed for the next planting season.

If you found yourself with extra seed at the end of the season, or if you have purchased seed ahead of time to be ready for planting, don't worry! It's easy to store seeds, and maintain a high germination rate.

Storing seed for next season is extremely easy and effective:

  • Simply place the seed in a ziploc bag or tupperware, making sure to label it clearly.
  • Store in a room-temperature area. A dark closet or room is the perfect storage area- just make sure that the seed is not exposed to moisture or extreme temperatures.
  • Seed will keep like this for months and maintain a high germination rate.

Did you know?

All of the seed at American Meadows is lab tested to ensure the highest purity and germination rates possible. When storing your seed for the winter (or even for the year), you may lose a few percentage points of the germination rate, but you’ll still have high quality seed that will thrive in your garden.

A lab test for our Cosmos Sensation Mix - 96% Germination Rate & 99.64% Pure Seed

Is This Seed Still Good?

If you’ve been storing Wildflower Seed for a long time and aren’t sure if it’s still good, conduct your own germination test to find out. It’s easy!

  • Choose ten seeds at random.
  • Dampen a paper towel.
  • Place the seeds on top of the damp paper towel.
  • Place the paper towel/seeds in a dark, warm place.
  • Wait 10-14 days.
  • Check every few days until you see sprouts.

The number of seeds that have sprouted tells you the germination rate. For example, if 6/10 seeds sprout, you have a 60% germination rate.

What’s a good germination rate?

The standard here at American Meadows is 75% germination rate, with most of our seed coming in higher than that.  Anything above 60-70% will produce great results in your garden or meadow.

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