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How To Plant Wildflowers


How To Create Your Own Wildflower Meadow: Site Evaluation &  Prep


How To Create Your Own Wildflower Meadow: Seed Quality Sowing & Compression FAQs


Wildflower Planting - Frequently Asked Questions


Why Our Wildflower Seed Is Better

Regional Wildflower Seed Mixes

Northeast Wildflower Seeds


Northeast Mix


Native Northeast Mix

Midwest Wildflower Seeds


Midwest Mix


Native Midwest Mix

Southeast Wildflower Seeds


Southeast Mix


Native Southeast Mix


Eastern Xeriscape Mix

Southwest Wildflower Seeds


Southwest Mix


Native Southwest Mix


Texas & Oklahoma Mix

Pacific Northwest Wildflower Seeds


Pacific Northwest Mix


Native Pacific Northwest Mix


California Coastal Mix

West Wildflower Seeds


West Mix


Native West Mix


Western Xeriscape Mix

Videos All About Our Specialty Seed Mixes

Seed Mixes By Color


Blue Mix


Pink Mix


Red Mix


Yellow Mix

Seed Mixes To Attract Pollinators


Beneficial Bug Mix


Honey Bee Mix


Pollinator Habitat Collection

Seed Mixes for Butterflies


Butterfly & Hummingbird Mix


Monarch Butterfly Annual Mix


Monarch Butterfly Perennial Mix

Seed Mixes For Habitats


Wildlife Habitat Mix


Deer Resistant Mix

Seed Mixes For Features


Spring Into Summer Mix (Summer Splash Mix)


Edible Mix

Seed Mixes for LARGE Landscapes


DOT Showstopper Mix


Golf Course Sustainability Mix


Landscaper's Big Blooms Mix


Golf Course Quick Color Mix

Seed Mixes for LOW GROWING Landscapes


Alternative Lawn Mix


Low Grow Mix

Seed Mixes For Hard Areas


Dry Area Mix


Partial Shade Mix

Seed Mixes By Life Cycle


All Annual Mix


All Perennial Mix