Flower Bulb Planting Information

Clear, easy-to-understand guides and information that will help you with planting flower bulbs.

We have grouped the articles by planting seasons: Spring Planted (Summer Blooming) Flower Bulbs and Fall Planted (Spring Blooming) Flower Bulbs.

Spring-Planted Bulbs include tender bulbs like Gladiolus and Dahlias and are planted in spring, flowering in summer. Fall-Planted Bulbs include Tulips and Daffodils and are planted in fall, blooming in spring.

For more information, watch Videos on Spring-Planted (Summer Blooming) Flower Bulbs or Videos on Fall-Planted (Spring Blooming) Flower Bulbs.

Information on Planting Bulbs in Spring

Spring-Planted Bulbs Guide »

We have prepared spring planting instructions, as well as a really useful planting depth chart for all types of spring-planted flower bulbs, plus a region map with recommended planting times.

Growing Dahlias. It's easy. »

Witness the creation of a big dahlia garden--from digging the holes to full bloom. Warning: It's all so beautiful and easy, you'll be addicted. If you're not already a dahlia gardener, you will be after reading this. List of dahlia types at bottom.

Planting "Wild" Lilies »

Many wildflower gardeners enjoy planting the "Wild" or Species Lilies... the ones that are the ancestors of all the lovely hybrids enjoyed today.

Storing Bulbs Before Planting in Spring »

If your spring bulbs arrive when it's still too cold or too early to plant, here's what to do. Simple, clear information for the proper storing of your spring bulbs including the optimal storing temperatures for various types.

All About Irises »

Irises: The big Bearded Irises you plant in late summer, the bulb Iris you plant in fall, and SiberianJapanese and Louisianas you plant in spring. They're all great, all easy to grow

Best Bulbs for Wildflower Gardeners »

Best Bulbs for Wildflower Gardeners Here's how to expand your bloom season by up to two months using easy-to-grow, perennial bulbs. They're always available, and require absolutely no care. Be sure your wildflower garden includes the "other wildflowers"--wild tulips, wild daffodils, and wild lilies.

Information on Planting Bulbs in Fall

How to Plant Flower Bulbs »

The basic information on bulb planting, and some landscaping suggestions. With bulbs, you can landscape your yard like a pro.

Late Fall and Winter Planting Times »

We hear the question all the time: "What's the best time to plant wildflower seeds in fall, in my area?" This article answers the question and more. It also relates wildflower planting to fall bulb planting time—sometimes doing both at once can save a lot of work.

History of Daffodils and Tulips »

An article by our founder explaining how hundreds of years of Dutch hybridizing have created a worldwide industry from some of the most beautiful and legendary wildflowers in the world. Read all about "Tulipomania." And learn all about Narcissus and his complex.

Amaryllis Growing Instructions »

Complete instructions for growing amaryllis, indoors in most of the country, or outdoors in warm zones.

Fall Bulb FAQs »

Q and A that covers most people's needs when planting spring-flowering bulbs in the fall.

Fall Flowering Crocus Growing Instructions »

Complete instructions on planting and harvesting fall flowering crocus and colchicums.

What bulbs grow in my region? »

Visit our U.S. map showing all regions. Just click on your area, and you'll go to detailed fall planting information.

Encourage Your Tulips To Come Back »

This section covers the important subject of how to "perennialize" your tulip plantings. Some groups, like species tulips and the Darwin Hybrids, are called "perennial tulips." Read all about it.

Paperwhite Growing Instructions »

Complete instructions for growing Paperwhite Narcissus, the favorite fragrant daffodil for indoor bloom during the winter.

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