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Eastern Monarch Refuge Plant Collection

SKU: AM019332
per Collection of 6
Now shipping to zones 2-5.
Other zones shipping soon.
Our Eastern Monarch Refuge Plant Collection makes it easy to plant beautiful Monarch Butterfly habitat in your garden. Milkweed is the essential host plant for Monarch caterpillars. Joe Pye Weed, Black Eyed Susan, Aster, and Bee Balm offer nectar to adult Monarchs and other pollinators from spring through fall. Resilient native perennials will naturalize, spreading each season to expand the benefit and beauty of your habitat garden.
key features
Growing Zones
Zone 4, Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8
Native, Bee Friendly, Attracts Butterflies, Attracts Birds, Deer Resistant, Naturalizes
Light Requirements
Full Sun
Mature Height
Heights range from 24" to 8 ft tall
Bloom Time
Early summer to fall


Monarch Butterflies need our help! Plant our Eastern Monarch Refuge Plant Collection in your garden to support endangered Monarch butterflies. As development across the country has reduced their natural habitat, gardeners can play an important role in helping their population rebound. How? By planting native plants like Milkweed (Asclepias), their host plant, which are essential for their survival. Milkweed leaves provide the food that Monarch caterpillars need to grow. In addition to Milkweed, planting native nectar plants that bloom all season helps to feed adult Monarch butterflies, fueling their long migrations each spring and fall.

Milkweed, Joe Pye, Aster, and Bee Balm all have extended bloom times to offer reliable nectar sources. This garden is best for states east of the Rocky Mountains. 

The Eastern Monarch Refuge Plant Collection covers approximately 23-60 sq ft and includes 8 plants:

Shipped as Potted Plants:
1 x Butterfly Weed
1 x Common Milkweed
1 x 'Soulmate' Swamp Milkweed
1 x 'Purple Dome' New England Aster
1 x Wild Bergamot (Bee Balm)
1 x Joe Pye Weed

*Plants are subject to change due to availability. If we make substitutions, we feature plants with similar attributes suitable to the collection design.