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What Is Meadowscaping?


American Meadows is on a mission to make your yard better - with meadowscaping! Goodbye traditional turf lawn, hello thriving yard that’s better for you, better your community, and makes the world a better place. From low-growing micro-clover to boldly colorful wildflowers, meadowscaping makes it better.

Flower Power

Promotional and Event Seed Packets

Custom Seed Packets

Seed packets custom made for your event, business or service.

How to choose wildflowers

Wildflower Seed Guide

Everything you need to know before choosing a wildflower seed mix.

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American Meadows Learning Centers

Explore Garden Guides

How to plant wildflowers

How To Plant Wildflowers

Has anyone ever told you, you belong among the wildflowers? We’re here to help! With 30+ years of experience our expertise, tips and techniques will help your meadow make its mark.

Meadowscaping Learning Center

Meadowscaping Learning Center

Meadowscaping is more than planting a seed or planning a garden; it’s also a way to do good. Learn more about how you can use your outdoor spaces to make life better.

Clover For A Better Yard

Clover For A Better Yard

Clover tolerates tough growing conditions, needs no fertilizer, requires less frequent mowing, and pollinators love it! A clover lawn may be the better yard you’ve been looking for.

Planting Bulbs in Fall Or Spring

Wildflower Inspiration & Ideas

Explore meadowscaping inspiration and ideas for growing wildflowers, from the experts at American Meadows.