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why plant a Flower Bulb?

Many Gorgeous Wildflowers Tolerate Dry Spells With Ease

Why Plant Drought Tolerant Wildflower Seeds?

We are always researching and developing the most drought-resistant wildflower species that will look beautiful in your garden but require much less water so that they can survive drought conditions. We strive to provide easy-to-grow practical solutions for our customers being impacted by drought. We carry a broad selection of wildflower species and mixes that will hold their gorgeous color on strong, healthy plants - even when the rain doesn't fall.

These varieties are popular with gardeners who want to plant out-of-reach of the hose as well as with those who live in dry climates. For a diverse and beautiful planting, try our Eastern Xeriscape Mix, or Western Xeriscape Mix, formulated with some of the hardiest species we know of to withstand long periods of time without water. All of the seed we carry at American Meadows is Non-GMO, Neonicotinoid-Free and Guaranteed to Grow.

Planting How-To’s

Drought Tolerant Wildflower Seeds Planting Guides

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