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A Crocus-Filled Spring

by Amanda


The carpet of early spring color that Crocus bulbs produce often signals the array of spring blooms to follow. They're famous for planting in the lawn or naturalizing anywhere you want their bright, early color. Crocus are small (making them easy to plant), fairly inexpensive and come back year after year, making them an extremely popular bulb in all parts of the country.

Pickwick Crocus

Pickwick Crocus

Snow Crocus

Wild Crocus/Snow Crocus Mix

Plant different species of Crocus for an extended show of unique, colorful blooms. Species Crocus, often also called Wild Crocus or Snow Crocus, are the earliest to bloom. Their spectacular blooms poke up sometimes early enough to peek through the snow and are a true delight in any garden, returning year after year. Try planting an array of different colors: Minimus, Violet Queen, Fuscotinctus, Tri-Color, or our Wild Crocus/Snow Crocus mix.

Plant Dutch Crocus alongside your Species Crocus for an extended bloom season with an array of different colored and shaped blooms. Try our beautiful Dutch Crocus Mixture for a rainbow of colors, Dutch Crocus Yellow Mammouth, Blue Moon Mix, Remembrance, Pickwick, or pure white Joan of Arc.

Crocus are a lovely addition to any spring garden and will return year after year, making them a “one and done” type of bulb. Plant Crocus now and in early spring, as soon as the snow has started to melt and temperatures warm, be greeted with a lovely carpet of unique, brilliantly-colored blooms.

Happy Gardening!