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Clover & Grass Learning Center

Learn everything you need to know about growing a beautiful clover lawn, finding a flowering lawn alternative, growing grass seeds, and more, from the experts at American Meadows. 

How To Choose Clover & Grass Seeds

A manicured lawn borded by a wildflower meadow

Expert advice to find the best seeds for your needs.

A girl and her dog lay in a clover lawn

Compare our bestselling clover, grass, and flowering lawn seed mixes.

Tilling a lawn and preparing for planting

Have questions about growing a better lawn? We're here to help.

Crimson Clover

Add nitrogen, fight pests, prevent erosion, and more.

How To Grow Clover & Grass Seeds

Clover and grass lawn

Everything you need to know about growing clover, grass, and flowering lawns.

A woman digging in and removing grass to prepare for planting wildflowers

Preparation is the key to success for new planting areas. Dig in!

Mike The Seed Man Sowing Wildflower Seeds

Calculate the right amount of seed for your planting project.

End Of Season Care Guide

Advice for the off-season to ensure a healthy, thriving, low-maintenance yard.

Lawn Inspiration & Ideas

Microclover Lawn

Is it a miracle plant? Get the look of a manicured lawn, with less mowing, fertilizing, and watering. 

Microclover Lawn is dog friendly

See how one customer transformed their back yard.

Get This Look: No Mow Lawns

Enjoy the perks of a lawn - without the maintenance.

9 Reasons To Plant A Clover Lawn

It’s not just lucky - it creates a healthy, beautiful yard.

We're The Better Yard Authority

At American Meadows, we have over 30 years of experience helping homeowners and gardeners from coast to coast grow better yards. In our learning center, you can learn how to choose the best clover and grass seeds for your yard, including choices like microclover, native grasses, white clover, no-mow grasses, and more.. Learn everything you need to know about how to grow clover and grass seeds and get inspired with plenty of ideas for your better yard. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced grower with a green thumb, we have the advice and seeds you need to succeed. Dig in with American Meadows!