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Before & After Microclover Lawn: From Patchy To Pet Friendly

Our customer in Kansas City, Missouri used microclover to transform his yard from a muddy mess to a pet-friendly paradise.  Read on to see his yard transformation process, and learn more about why Microclover is a great solution for pets!

Before: Patches & Muddy Paws

Like many dog parents, our customer Nate In Kansas City, Missouri had dedicated his backyard to his four-legged friends. However, these dogs were doing damage to the lawn.

“I own two dogs that have caused significant damage to my lawn... Considering the wastefulness of watering the lawn solely for grass, I decided to experiment with microclover as an alternative.”

Pre-paw-ration Is The First Step To Success

Before planting seeds, Nate followed the most important step for a new planting project - soil preparation. He removed patchy growth and loosened the soil. This important step gives seeds less competition, and good contact with the soil to encourage germination and even, vigorous growth. 

Once growth is removed, he had a perfect planting bed to sow his microclover seeds

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Establishing Seedlings

Even the most durable, drought-tolerant lawns need water to establish healthy root systems. As you can see in the photo above, Nate made the smart decision to use a sprinkler to help his new microclover seedlings establish. A sprinkler is an easy solution for even, consistent watering. 

“So far the results have been promising, with germination occurring within 10 days. I did diligently water the micro clover during the initial weeks.” said Nate. 

About one month into planting, the microclover seedlings created a green groundcover to brighten up the yard, and warmer weather had the dogs outside more often.

Pup Tip: While seedlings are young, some walking and playing is OK - but try to avoid heavy roughhousing or zoomies on the lawn - your pups might still end up getting muddy, and you don't want to create new patches in your lawn before microclover is established.

Pawsitive Results

At two months, the microclover has grown in, creating a soft and lush, yet durable and drought tolerant lawn, with plenty of space for pets to play. At the end of the day - it's what all pet parents want for their back yard! 

Here are 6 reasons why Microclover is a great lawn for dogs!

  1. It's soft and cushiony under bare feet and paws
  2. It’s durable for high-traffic play areas
  3. It’s non-toxic in case your pets like to nibble 
  4. It’s resistant to dog urine, so there are no brown spots or patches in the lawn
  5. It stays green and deters lawn pests without the use of fertilizer or herbicides, keeping your lawn safe and healthy for your fur babies
  6. It’s low-growing and low-maintenance, so you don't need to mow, and you'll have more time to play with your pups 
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