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Get This Look: No Mow Lawns

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Say goodbye to long hours of mowing the lawn! Looking for great yard ideas? Take inspiration from these lush no-mow lawns.

A girl enjoys a flowering lawn alternative

Flowering Lawn

Enjoy a yard full of cheerful blooms -- that grow no taller than 6 inches! Drought resistant, low-growing fescues have a soft texture and deep green color. Clover creates a cushiony feel while acting as a natural fertilizer. English Daisies add elegance and charm. Put away your lawnmower – pack up a picnic and enjoy a beautiful, low-maintenance lawn.

Tips To Get This Look

  • Our No-Mow Flowering Lawn Seed Mix is easy to grow!
White Clover Lawn

Clover Lawn

It’s possible to have a lush, green lawn that hardly needs watering, mowing, fertilizing, and herbicides. While clover enhances your soil health below ground, above ground the cheerful, long-blooming flowers help nourish pollinators. A perfect solution for a low-maintenance lawn! 

Tips To Get This Look

  • Clover seed can be planted fresh, or it can be sown into an established grass lawn.
No Mow Lawn Grass Seed

Lush No-Mow Grass

Save time, water, and money while enjoying a lush, attractive lawn. Dwarf fescue grasses create a thick, deep green carpet of finely textured turf. Deer roots create a lawn that is durable, drought-tolerant, and ideal for high traffic areas. It can be mowed occasionally for a “manicured" look, or left to grow into soft waves.

Tips To Get This Look

  • Our No-Mow Lawn Grass is a versatile, easy-to-grow solution for less mowing
  • Grow it alone, or grow one of our No-Mow flowering lawn mixes for extra flower power.
Native Grass Meadow in front of a beautiful blue house

Grassy Meadow

Tall ornamental grasses create a beautiful, low-maintenance meadow. The grasses sway in the breeze, and catch the afternoon light with their airy seed heads. Native grasses are the cornerstone of wildlife habitats, and they provide nesting materials, food, and habitat for birds and beneficial insects too.

Tips To Get This Look

  • At this house, mowing just the edges of the meadow creates walking paths, provides contrast, and visually communicates an intentional, well-maintained yard.
Alternative Lawn Wildflower Seed Mix

Low-Grow Meadow

Want the look of a wildflower meadow, but in a low-growing package? Grow a low-growing wildflower seed mix from American Meadows, designed especially for lawn alternatives. Unlike traditional grass lawns, your yard will never need mowing! Not only will the flowers look beautiful, but you can support a range of pollinators in your yard too.

Tips To Get This Look

  • Our Alternative Lawn Wildflower Seed Mix creates a low-growing meadow no higher than 20 inches tall.
  • Our Low Grow Wildflower Seed Mix grows no taller than 15 inches.

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