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Customer Success Stories and Photos: Midwest

Look what your neighbors in the Midwest are doing! We've received great photos and stories from our members for over 25 years. You'll find our "Members' Meadows" archive packed with great ideas and how-to tips. Enjoy

Tom Jones, with a new lakefront property in Ohio, decided on a wildflower meadow. Here he is in the middle of the flowers, now a dedicated wild gardener!

Member Diana Edwards sent us beautiful photos of her wildflower plantings during the summer of their second year bloom. Perennials in full bloom create a blaze of color.

Larry Musil, out in northern Illinois, is a wildflower pro. He's been planting his acreage with wildflowers for over 20 years. Just take a look at the beautiful scenes he's created, ablaze with color, birds and butterflies.

Sometimes it's called a swale, sometimes, a parkway, but that strip of ground between the sidewalk and the street is what was the problem. Look how the Schaefers solved it--with traffic-stopping wildflowers.

Here's one of our favorite Member photos. Charles Kunz, a member in Michigan, sent us shots of first bloom with our Midwestern Mix. It shows that even Pete, Mr. Kunz's dog, loves the flowers.

Jim Coleman, a member in Mattawan, MI, has been working on his wildflower borders for a couple of years. His success is a great example of how they add so mcuh to a beautiful home.

In northern Indiana, member Nan Swaidner decided to create a spectacular show of sunflowers for a special event. She planted a backdrop 200 feet long!

Steve Reilly, a biology professor at Ohio University, decided an unused field on his property should be a flower meadow. The flowers grew so well, he calls it his "flower jungle" and shared cut flowers for months at work, at the library, and among all his friends. 

When our members, the Suttons, built on beautiful land in rural Michigan, they wanted to preserve the “wild nature” of the place. Today, the Suttons, plus all the area wildlife, are enjoying the wildflower bloom.

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