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Customer Success Stories and Photos: Northeast

Look what your neighbors in the Northeast are doing! We've received great photos and stories from our members for over 25 years. You'll find our "Members' Meadows" archive packed with great ideas and how-to tips. Enjoy!

young kid standing in front of wildflowers

Kids love the Wildflowers! Laura and Tim Emerson added our Partial Shade mix to their landscape to fill in the gaps between the woods and the lawn. 

Member Johnny Scott planted our Northeast Mix along the driveway approaching his charity-based community. 

Hellstrip Garden with Zinnias blooming

Member Dennis Gilliard is the caretaker of a 153-acre farm on Maryland's scenic Eastern Shore. With wide riverfront, he decided to plant about 1.5 acres in wildflowers--what a success!

Many of our members use wildflower seeds to landscape a freshly renovated septic system. It's a great chance to plant wildflowers when the soil is bare.

Early summer in a wild meadow brings a big beautiful surprise—the favorite combination of lupine and daisies—floral fireworks in blue and white. Only the beginning of Maureen Nikora’s third year with wildflowers.

Hellstrip Garden with Zinnias blooming

The Hannigans bought a 3 1/2 acre meadow on Martha’s Vineyard to build a dream, but after construction, the meadow seemed destroyed. That’s when Karen went to work & sowed her own seeds. Just look at the results!

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