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Shade Loving And Deer Resistant - What's Not To Love About Anemones?

by Amanda


Anemones are some of the most colorful, elegant blooms in the garden. Their common name, windflower, says it all. The full, bright blooms sway slightly on top of delicate stems on windy days. These easy-to-grow plants thrive in partial shade, but can tolerate full sun in colder areas. The vigorous growers may need to be dug up and divided every few seasons to ensure they won’t take over. Anemones are short, meaning their root systems are smaller, so they are an ideal choice for small space or container gardens – containers are especially good if you’re worried about the plants spreading too much in the garden.


These versatile perennials are slightly fragrant, making them unappealing to most deer and rabbits. Anemones are low maintenance growers and don’t require much care once established. The groundcover plant blooms in the late season when much of the garden has finished for the year, making a big, colorful splash just when the garden needs it most. 


Anemones also make for spectacular cut flowers in the late summer months. For longer-lasting blooms in arrangements, we recommend cutting Anemone stems at an angle, removing 1-2 inches with a sharp knife. This allows for better water intake and will extend their life. Once your arrangement is placed in a container with clean water, we recommend showcasing it in an area that doesn’t receive full sunlight, and someplace cooler if possible. For best results, replace the water in your vase on a daily basis – Anemones are big drinkers! If possible, place the bouquet in the refrigerator at night for even longer blooms. 

Anemones come in all shapes and colors, ranging from single blooms to double, full blooms. They can be planted in both the spring and the fall and thrive in areas with good drainage and some shade.

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