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Bird-Friendly Garden Ideas

Planting To Attract Birds
Bird on top of Bird House with Echinacea and Bee Balm

Watching birds flit from plant to plant and listening to their songs on a sunny day are some of the most enjoyable experiences of gardening. Birds source food from plants that produce vegetation, nectar, and from flower heads that go to seed - help keep them well fed by growing a bird-friendly garden right in your backyard.

1. Choose native and pollinator-friendly plants and wildflower seeds that attract caterpillars and beneficial insects.

2. Plant ornamental grasses and shrubs for shelter and habitat.

3. Offer winter food sources by adding plants with berries and seeds.

Goldfinch with native wildflowers

Attract Birds With Multi-Season Planting

Enjoy beautiful blooms in the spring and summer months, then leave the plants in place throughout the fall and winter months to create a safe and bustling environment for songbirds and the wildlife that they rely upon. Succession Planting will create a long-lasting display of color in your garden while attracting local pollinators, birds and more.

Perennials that attract birds
Spring Bulbs that attract birds
How To Plant A Bird Garden With Native Flowers
How To Plant A Bird Garden With Native Flowers
Gardening For Birds