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by Mike Lizotte

The Seed Man

As I sat in on keynote speaker Joe Lamp’l last week at the Independent Garden Center show he touched on a number of great ideas and suggestions.  One point in particular that he stressed was differentiation.  You need to differentiate yourself from the competition.  It really struck a chord and reminded me of how unique and special our wildflower seed products are. 

100% Pure Wildflower Seed, Always!

We’ve all seen the “meadow in a can” seed products at our favorite big box store. Don’t be fooled by the nice packaging. Did you ever look at the percentage of pure seed that are in these products?  You’re lucky to get 20% and the rest is some sort of filler.  All of our wildflower mixtures are 100% pure flower seed, no fillers!  On average, our mixtures contain 20-30 varieties vs. 10-15 in mixtures found in large retail merchant mixtures.  All of our seed is lab tested to ensure the highest quality germination rates.  We network with growers and suppliers across the country with fresh seed arriving weekly. Everything we sell is 100% guaranteed. 

We are the Wildflower Experts!

Wildflower MixWe’ve been slingin' wildflower seed for over 30 years.  During that time we’ve consulted and helped hundreds of thousands of customers all across the country create beautiful wildflower gardens. We take pride in the service we provide and quality of products we offer. We enjoy engaging with gardeners every day and helping them with any and all questions that they might have.  We welcome over 3 million visitors to our site and take over 500 calls a day during our busy spring months.

Mixtures and Species Galore!

With over 30 different regional and special use mixtures, along with over 150 individual species available, we’re sure to have a seed to meet your needs.  Not sure what to choose?  Give us a call or Live Chat and we’ll give you the expert advice.  There’s a reason why they call me the “Seed Man!” To prove our point, we went out to the local big box store and purchased a box of wildflower seeds similar to our Spring into Summer Mix.

Spring into Summer x v. Big Box Mix

Wildflower Seed Comparison

Price: Us: $7.95 - Them: $2.99

Net Weight: Us: 4 OZ - Them: 1.5 OZ

Pure Flower Seed: Us: 100% - Them: 12%

Wildflower Varieties: Us: 36 - Them: 17

So, what does this all mean? You would need to purchase 23 "boxes" of the big box product (totaling $68.00!) to equal a quarter pound (4 OZ) of our fresh, 100% pure wildflower seed product. We're also giving you 19 more species in our mix versus the big box product. The choice is clear!

So the next time you’re in the garden and thinking about adding some wildflowers, fight the urge to head to your favorite big box and give us a call or browse our site.  We’re confident you won’t be disappointed! Happy Gardening!