Microclover Seed (Pelleted)

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Microclover is ideal for a sustainable, low-maintenance yard. This tiny white clover spreads densely and evenly, preventing weed growth and creating a soft yet highly durable surface for high traffic areas. It can be planted on its own, or paired with grass seeds, where it acts as a natural fertilizer for a lush, self-sustaining lawn. It’s cold hardy, drought tolerant, and stays green from spring through fall. Seeds are coated for even distribution and easy handling.

For best results, we recommend planting Microclover 4-6 weeks before your average first frost date in Fall, or as early as two weeks before your last frost date in Spring. Perennial.

Zones 3 - 8
Great For Mass Plantings
Multiplies / Naturalizes
Easy To Grow
Low Maintenance
Soil Enhancer
Light Requirements
Full Sun
Half Sun / Half Shade
Mature Height 3-6" tall
Bloom TimeLate spring to early summer

USDA Hardiness Planting Zones

To determine if a plant is sufficiently cold hardy, the USDA created numbered zones indicating winter low temperatures; the lower the zone number the colder the winter.

  • If the coldest winter temperature expected in your area is -15°F (zone 5) then any plants rated zones 3-5 will survive the winter temperatures in your area.
  • If you live in very warm winter areas (zones 9-11) plants with zones 3-4 ratings are not recommended. The lack of freezing winter temperatures do not provide a time for winter dormancy (rest).

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Plant Information

If you want the look of a lush, manicured lawn and a space that can handle walking and playing, Microclover is a must for a self-sustaining lawn that will stay lush and green without the use of fertilizer. Not only does this make your lawn easier than ever to maintain, it helps keep our soil and waterways clean and healthy. Microclover can be planted in partial shade, but performs best in full sun. Highly durable Microclover is a great option for high traffic areas like home lawns, athletic fields, parks, and even slopes. It is a good option for septic areas. While it can be planted on its own, it is often recommended to plant Microclover and grass seed together; recommended grasses include our No Mow Lawn Grass Seed, Low Work and Water Dwarf Fescue Grass Seed, and Chewings Fescue.

When To Plant:
Microclover prefers cooler temperatures for germination and growth, so spring and fall are the best time to plant; avoid planting at the hottest time of year. In spring, you can sow as early as two weeks before your last frost date. In fall, sow at least 4-6 weeks prior to your first average frost date, so that perennial clover plants have time to establish root systems before freezes hit. In spring you’ll have more weed pressure; planting in fall allows you to avoid the germination time of most weeds.

Soil Preparation:
For the best success with your new planting, we recommend removing existing growth and preparing soil for planting.

All new plantings should be kept damp for best results with germination. Water daily to ensure your soil doesn’t dry out. Once seedlings appear after about 2 weeks, watering can be reduced to 1-3 days.

The benefit of growing Microclover in your lawn is that it does not need fertilizer! Avoid the use of herbicides because they will damage or kill Microclover. Microclover will stay green from spring through fall, but in winter, it will go dormant and turn brown.

Sowing Seeds:
Using the recommended coverage rate, scatter seeds densely and gently compress seeds for good seed to soil contact. We recommend reserving about 10-15% of seeds so that you can fill patches that may occur.

For even more information on Microclover:
How To Grow Microclover: The Secret To A Self-Sustaining Lawn

More Information
Associated SKUsAM019856
AM019848 (1/4 Pound)
AM019849 (1/2 Pound)
AM019850 (1 Pound)
AM019851 (5 Pounds)
AM019852 (10 Pounds)
AM019853 (25 Pounds)
AM019854 (50 Pounds)
Botanical Name
Trifolium repens var. Pipolina
Common Name
Microclover (Pelleted)
Light Requirements
Full Sun, Half Sun / Half Shade
Seed Life Cycle
Bloom Time
Late spring to early summer
Flower Color
Mature Height
3-6" tall
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Wildflower Mix or Specie
Grass Type
Cool Season
1/4 lb covers 250 sq ft
1/2 lb covers 500 sq ft
1 lb covers 1,000 sq ft
5 lb covers 5,000 sq ft
10 lb covers 10,000 sq ft
25 lb covrs 25,000 sq ft
50 lb covers 50,000 sq ft
Soil Type
Loamy Soil, Sandy Soil, Well-Drained Soil
Soil Moisture
Dry, Average
Neonicotinoid Free
Great For Mass Plantings, Multiplies / Naturalizes, Easy To Grow, Low Maintenance, Soil Enhancer
Ships As
Ships to Hawaii, Alaska & Canada
Planting & Care
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