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Wintersun Paperwhites

SKU: AM019344
per Bag of 4
No longer available this season.
Wintersun Paperwhites are a fresh variation on standard white paperwhites. Brighten up the winter holidays with their snow-white blossoms surrounding golden yellow centers. Sweetly scented, their fragrance is lighter than other paperwhites. Strongly resembling classic Daffodils, these easy to grow blooms are a cheery reminder that spring is on its way. (Narcissus)


Wintersun Paperwhites provide a unique look for winter forcing. The flowers bloom 6-10 weeks after planting, and each stalk has multiple blooms and narrow green foliage. Lightly scented, these easy to grow paperwhites are a beautiful addition to your seasonal Paperwhite collection. Paperwhites prefer a sunny location with room temperatures. Once you receive your bulbs, you may plant them right away or keep them for later blooming (store in room temperature, in a dark place). Bulbs may be planted in soil or a gravel or sand medium, as they have all the food they need stored in the bulb. Plant bulbs close together and leave the top of the bulb exposed. Water well to just below the bulb and keep moist as the roots grow. Try planting them at 2 week intervals for a long season of winter flowers. Beautiful cut flowers too!