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Emerald Pink Creeping Phlox

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'Emerald Pink' Creeping Phlox is famous for its blazing pink blooms and evergreen foliage that work together beautifully as a groundcover or colorful landscape accent. Allowed to spill and trail over walls, slopes, and container egdes, low-growing 'Emerald Pink' will bring the garden to life while cleverly hiding any trouble spots. Drought-tolerant, deer resistant and extremely easy to grow. (Phlox subulata)
key features
Botanical Name
Phlox subulata Emerald Pink
Native, Bee Friendly, Attracts Butterflies, Deer Resistant, Groundcover, Easy To Grow, Evergreen, Rock Gardens
Growing Zones
Zone 2, Zone 3, Zone 4, Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8, Zone 9
Light Requirements
Full Sun
Soil Moisture
Mature Height
4-6" tall
Mature Spread
12-18" wide
Bloom Time
Mid to late spring


4-6" tall x 12-18" wide. 'Emerald Pink’ Creeping Phlox is a gem in cottage-style plantings and rock gardens. Vibrant blooms accent bulbs and other spring-bloomers, while evergreen foliage provides a year-round carpet of color. The creeping stems are masterful at covering banks and stabilizing slopes. Creeping phlox benefits from a quick trim after flowering to promote an abundance of tender, young shoots and dense growth. Remove older, woody stems as needed to maintain a dense mat. Give plants plenty of sunlight for optimal bloom and a well-drained soil. This water-wise selection looks lovely stretched along a stony walkway and tucked against decorative boulders. Plant along the edge of butterfly gardens and watch for visiting swallowtail butterflies and hummingbirds on spring blooms. Cold hardy and heat tolerant.

Creeping Phlox is a favorite perennial groundcover in all growing regions. Cold hardy and heat tolerant, it creates a colorful carpet of low-growing, cheerful blooms that appear each spring atop a deep green mat of evergreen foliage. A rapid spreader, Creeping Phlox is masterful at filling spaces in between trees, rolling down gentle slopes or steep banks, and covering areas that are hard to care for with its solid swath of color. Very dependable  and tolerant of many soil types. Deer resistant.