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Prairie Dog Switchgrass

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'Prairie Dog’ Switchgrass brings vertical form, movement, and year-round interest to any setting. It emerges in spring with strong upright growth, it is a good choice for smaller settings. Clean blue-green foliage gives way to airy rosy summer blooms, which provide food and cover for birds and wildlife. Swaying in a summer breeze, it adds beautiful color and motion to the garden or meadowscape. Deer-resistant ‘Prairie Dog’ grass will naturalize gradually and is attractive when mass planted. (Panicum virgatum PP32736)
key features
Botanical Name
Panicum virgatum 'Prairie Dog' PP#32736
Native, Attracts Birds, Deer Resistant, Low Maintenance, Striking Foliage, Winter Interest, Mass Plantings
Growing Zones
Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8, Zone 9
Light Requirements
Full Sun
Soil Moisture
Moist / Wet
Mature Height
4-5 ft tall
Mature Spread
24-36" wide
Bloom Time
Mid summer to early fall

‘Prairie Dog’ Switchgrass is a selection of the easy-to-grow native species Panicum virgatum. Switchgrass has a very wide native range across North America, including all United States except for California, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Hawaii. It is happy in a sunny location in sand, clay, or loam soil with moderate to wet moisture, and will be drought tolerant once established. Resilient Switchgrass grows dense, fibrous roots several feet deep. This means they are a great choice for erosion control, they are very long-lived, and they are tolerant to floods and drought. Switchgrass is also salt tolerant and happy along roadsides or coastal areas. Panicum virgatum is the preferred larval host plant of pink streak moths, and it is a larval host for the Delaware Skipper and the Hobomok Skipper.