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Amaryllis as cut flowers in water

Our Amazing Amaryllis

By Amanda

Those who purchase our Amaryllis bulbs are some of our most loyal customers. Our bulbs are not only guaranteed to grow, are jumbo-sized and some of highest-quality available, but produce magnificent blooms on multiple shoots. We could gush on and on about our Amaryllis but will let our customer’s photos and reviews tell the story for us. Enjoy!


Red Lion Amaryllis Flower

Customer Review of Red Lion Amaryllis Bulb – From CT Gardener in Connecticut

"Super Size. Super Color. Extremely easy to grow. Simple yet complete instructions. No other supplier ever sent such large healthy bulbs.”

Full House Amaryllis with snowy background

Customer Photo and Review of Full House Amaryllis Bulb – From Pat in Texas

Great gift! When the two Full House bulbs arrived they were quite large. My sister and I are both avid gardeners, so I gave her one of the bulbs as a Christmas gift, and we both enjoyed the anticipation of watching them grow. And such beautiful vivid blooms. We were both delighted!”

big white amaryllis flower

Customer Photo and Review of Picotee Amaryllis Bulb – From Huggieln in Oklahoma

"Amaryllis! Great, Beautiful, Fun Bulbs. American Meadows is a great company to do business with. Everything I've ordered from them has been very productive. The Amaryllis have been my favorites. I'm hooked! Just got my first ones this year … If you've never grown them they are the surprise you've been waiting for”

Elvas amaryllis as a cut flower in water

Customer Photo and Review of Elvas Amaryllis Bulb – From Balisha in Illinois

"Elvas is just like the pictures. When the flower was just about to fade I cut the blooms off and put them in a pretty vase. They lasted so long this way and I got double enjoyment out of this beauty. It blended in with my Spring décor!”

We have (literally) hundreds of Amaryllis bulbs blooming in our office each winter to keep us going through the winter months. We hope you bring a little bit of cheer to your or a friend’s home this winter with our top-quality, jumbo Amaryllis!

Happy Gardening!

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