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A girl with a big smile holds a bouquet of wildflowers in a sunny meadow

Planting A Cut Flower Garden

Fill Your Yard With Bright Blooms & Create Beautiful Homegrown Bouquets

Who doesn't love fresh flowers? One of the greatest joys of growing a garden or meadow is having plenty of flowers to share. Bring them inside to brighten your home, or surprise your friends, neighbors, and loved ones with a special gift!

Which wildflowers, perennial plants, and flower bulbs are best for cut flowers? Read on to learn more - plus, see tips for making your own beautiful bouquets.

Freshly cut zinnias, baby's breath, calendula, and bachelor's button flowers

The Best Wildflowers For Cut Flowers

Growing wildflowers from seed makes it easy to grow abundant blooms, so you have plenty of flowers to use in bouquets and plenty to enjoy in your garden or meadow. 

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A bouquet of white peony flowers

The Best Perennial Plants For Cut Flowers

Perennial plants are ideal for establishing beautiful gardens and meadowscapes, and they can also provide bountiful flowers and foliage for cut flower bouquets!

  • Peonies are cut flower favorites - their delicate fragrance and lush, full blooms make them irresistible. Plus, you only need to cut a few blooms for an instant bouquet.
  • Tall Garden Phlox are also showy perennials that easily fill out a cut flower bouquet with fragrant flowers.
  • Lilies are easy-to-grow perennials that are famously fragrant and make beautiful additions to homemade bouquets.
  • With slender stems and elegant flowers, fragrant Lavender is also a wonderful addition to a cut flower garden.
  • Ornamental Grasses can also make great additions to fresh or dried cut flower arrangements, thanks to their showy seed heads.
  • You can easily add layers of beautiful color-coordinated blooms to your cut flower garden with our curated Perennial Pre-Planned Gardens and Collections
  • Our Beautiful Bouquets Pre-Planned Garden is the perfect way to get started with a cut flower garden - we've done the planning for you!

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A little girl holds a bouquet of red Dahlias

The Best Spring-Planted Bulbs For Cut Flowers

Like annual wildflowers, spring-planted bulbs grow to their full mature size in the first growing season. That means you can plant them in spring, and enjoy their blooms the very same summer! Plus, they also come in a dazzling array of colors and forms so you can let your creativity shine.

  • Dahlias are hands down a must-have for any cutting garden - these huge, picture-perfect blooms make it easy to create a stunning bouquet.
  • On tall, upright stems with vivid flowers, Gladiolus are another florist favorite - just a few stems will make a beautiful display.
  • With smooth, elegant blooms, Callas are another popular florist favorite for simple, sophisticated bouquets
  • You can easily add bountiful blooms to your cut flower garden with our color-coordinated Bulb Collections, featuring Dahlias, Glads, and colorful unique bulbs too!

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More Helpful Tips From American Meadows

Bouquet of Cosmos, Zinnias, and Sunflowers

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A colorful wildflower bouquey with cosmos and more

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Colorful wildflowers in front of a bright sky blue background

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