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Sweeping wildflower meadow replaces a large patch of grass

Get This Look: Plant A Wildflower Lawn & Transform Your Yard To A Pollinator Paradise

Plant wildflowers and turn your lawn into a pollinator paradise! The benefits are endless, but here are just a few reasons to start planning your better yard transformation today!

  • Wildflowers offer food and habitat so that you can watch a parade of butterflies, bees, birds, and beneficial insects visit your flowers. 
  • You’ll cut back on (or eliminate) the regular mowing, watering, and fertilizing that typical turf lawns need – which saves time and money.
  • You’ll have a yard that’s filled with cheerful flowers and natural beauty.

Whether you want to start with a mini meadow, or you’re ready to replace your entire lawn, we have wildflower seeds and growing tips to help you succeed.

Read on to see great ideas for how you can incorporate wildflowers into your lawn, and some of our favorite wildflower lawn takeovers from American Meadows customers across the country. You’re next – let’s dig in!

2. Line Your Property With Wildflowers

When it comes to bringing life and color to your yard, you just can't beat wildflowers! You would need dozens of perennial plants to line a fence or property line, but planting wildflower seeds is much easier! The lush foliage give the look of a full, mature garden.

Tall flower varieties can help add privacy to your fencing, or be used to grow a "living fence"!

Low-growing varieties, such as Sweet Alyssum, are perfect for a neat and tidy look.

Annual wildflowers, like the mix of Cosmos and mix of Zinnias shown here, will bloom in the first season they're planted, just weeks after planting. They offer cheerful, colorful flowers that bloom all the way through frost!

Annuals have a one-year lifecycle, though they may reseed and regrow the next year in the right conditions. 

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3. Use Wildflowers To Beautify Hard-To-Mow Areas

For steep slopes, uneven ground, and areas of your yard that are difficult to mow, wildflowers offer a low-maintenance solution! They only need to be mowed once a year at most. Instead of patchy or uneven grass, plant wildflowers to enjoy the added beauty and dynamic colors in your yard!

Learn More: Planting Wildflowers On A Slope

4. Plant A Mini Meadow!

You don't need acres of land to enjoy the magic of wildflowers! In his book, Mini Meadowsour wildflower expert Mike "The Seed Man" Lizotte gives plenty of examples of small-scale wildflower plantings.

Here are a few examples of our customers planting Mini Meadows in front yards in the country, in the suburbs, and even in city gardens!

Wildflower seed mixes make it easy to get the look of a mature garden that always has something new blooming.

The majority of our wildflower seed mixes include both annual and perennial wildflowers. While annuals bloom in the first season, perennials take the first season to establish, then return in the second season and for years to come. Planting a seed mix give you the best of both worlds, with a beautiful garden display that lasts from spring through summer. 

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Celebrate biodiversity and fall in love with your land by planting a wildflower lawn! Along with enjoying an abundance of beautiful, easy-to-grow flowers, you can feel great knowing that you’re helping the earth, too – by planting a meadow, you can find your place in making it better. 

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