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Creeping Mint

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Creeping Mint creates a mat of attractive, low-growing foliage that will spread gently to cover soil and prevent weed growth. In mid to late spring, this native perennial boldly announces its presence with masses of lavender-blue flowers held above the foliage, drawing pollinators and creating a carpet of color in woodland gardens and along shady paths. (Meehania)
key features
Botanical Name
Meehania cordata
Native, Groundcover, Low Maintenance, Naturalizes
Growing Zones
Zone 4, Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8
Light Requirements
Half Sun / Half Shade, Full Shade
Soil Moisture
Mature Height
3-6" tall
Mature Spread
3-18" wide
Bloom Time
Mid to late spring


(3-6" tall x 3-18" wide) Creeping Mint is a low-growing perennial with heart-shaped leaves covered with lavender-blue blooms in spring. Long trailing stems form roots along their lengths, creating an expanding groundcover that covers and protects soil without aggressively invading. Native to the central-eastern US, it’s a welcome alternative to more invasive, non-native ground covers that can quickly overtake garden beds. Look closely at one of the flowers and you’ll see the intricate beauty of the delicately frilled and spotted petals. The flowers also host a variety of pollinating insects. Although it bears some resemblance to notoriously invasive, non-native Creeping Charlie (sometimes called Ground Ivy), Creeping Mint's nature is to spread but not invade. Native to woodlands of the eastern US, Creeping Mint is an easy-to-grow alternative ground cover that likes rich, moist soil and part shade — afternoon shade is especially important in hot-summer areas. It can tolerate full sun as long as it has consistent moisture. Also called  Meehan’s Mint. Hardy in zones 4-8.