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by Amanda

One of our customers in Williston, Vermont, plants wildflowers each season along with their multitude of perennial gardens that require "almost no work," says homeowner Liz. They planted our Northeast Wildflower Mix on the side of their house three years ago and it has naturalized into a low-maintenance wildflower garden that brings them delight each year, all season long. A bonus is the fact that most of the varieties are native, making it a buffet for pollinators. notheast-mix-7 northeast-mix-6 northeast-mix-5 northeast-mix-3 northeast-mix-2 northeast-mix-1 In the front of their house, which has a lot of foot traffic from a busy sidewalk, they planted hundreds of Daffodils several season ago. Now, they add Wildflowers each year and plant the section of the garden closest to the sidewalk with our Fragrant Mix. This gives walkers-by a treat for the eyes and the nose! They also added our Summer Splash Mix to give the space extra color this season. fragrant-mix-3 fragrant-mix-2 fragrant-mix-1 The low maintenance perennial gardens in the back of the property feature ferns, hostas, bee balm, daylilies, astilbe and much more. perennial-garden-2 perennial-garden-3 perennial-garden-4 perennial-garden-5 perennial-garden-6 perennial-garden-7 perennial-garden-8 perennial-garden-9 perennial-garden-10 perennial-garden-1