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Creme de Cassis Decorative Dahlia

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Créme de Cassis' Dahlia is as charming as you can get. The two-toned petals are a soft lilac-pink on the top and plum-colored below. Each plant produces dozens of up to 6-inch-wide, classically shaped dahlia blooms from mid summer through fall. Sweet and feminine, 'Créme de Cassis' is at home in both borders and containers. (Dahlia)
key features
Botanical Name
Decorative Dahlia Creme de Cassis
Growing Zones
Zone 2, Zone 3, Zone 4, Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8, Zone 9, Zone 10
Attracts Butterflies, Attracts Hummingbirds, Easy To Grow, Cut Flowers, Container Planting
Light Requirements
Full Sun
Mature Height
32-36" tall
Bloom Time
Mid summer until frost


'Créme de Cassis' is an aptly-named dahlia. A syrupy, black currant-flavored liqueur, Créme de Cassis is both sweet and plum-colored, two traits it shares with its namesake dahlia. Performing best in full-sun conditions, dahlia 'Créme de Cassis' is deer resistant and untouched by insect pests. When using the blooms as cut flowers, harvest the buds when they're only half open to enjoy a maximum vase life of up to ten days. This variety also does well when grown in containers. Like other dahlias, 'Créme de Cassis' can be kept short and bushy by pinching out the growing points once or twice early in the growing season.

Dahlias are perennial in zones 8-10, but in cooler zones, tubers can be dug after frost comes, stored over winter, then re-planted the following spring. Grow Dahlias in a sunny spot, in average soil that drains well. Keep moisture consistent once it begins to grow and enjoy a non-stop color parade. Deadhead spent blooms to encourage more flowers and pinch off small side buds to encourage larger flowers if desired.