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Ascot Rainbow Euphorbia

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per Plant - 3" Pot
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'Ascot Rainbow' Euphorbia PP21401, also known as Flowering Spurge, has colorful, variegated foliage that lasts from spring to fall. Green leaf blades trimmed with creamy yellow edges transition to deep pink as cooler temperatures arrive. Its foliage is topped with petite, variegated lime green flowers that feature crimson red centers. Flowering Spurge is easy-to-grow, drought tolerant and unappealing to deer. (Euphorbia martinii)
key features
Botanical Name
Euphorbia martinii 'Ascot Rainbow'
Growing Zones
Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8, Zone 9
Deer Resistant, Rabbit Resistant, Easy To Grow, Low Maintenance, Striking Foliage, Container Planting, Rock Gardens
Light Requirements
Full Sun, Half Sun / Half Shade
Mature Height
24-36" tall
Bloom Time
Late spring to early summer


Flowering Spurge Ascot Rainbow will thrive in sun to partial shade and is drought-tolerant, making it a great addition to most gardens. The gorgeous, variegated foliage lasts all year round, bringing interest to the garden when most plants have gone dormant.

This widely diverse group of plants includes common North American wildflowers plus a whole selection of unique hybrids. All of the flowering spurges insist on fast-draining soils and are dependably drought tolerant. Once happy, this is a carefree plant that adds color almost year round. The big yellow flowers appear in late spring through mid summer. Then with fall temperatures, all the foliage goes bright butter yellow for even more color. Always handle Spurge plants with care, as they contain a milky sap that can irritate your eyes, nose and mouth. Some species have a poisonous sap.