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Virginia State Flower and State Bird

Virginia  State Flower and Bird

Cardinal ~ Richmondena cardinalis
Adult Cardinals remain in a chosen area throughout the winter, but young Cardinals often wander widely during the winter, sometimes in small flocks. At feeding stations, the Cardinals are honored guests, as their red plumage seems doubly bright in the white snow. Even when they have retreated into the backyard shrubbery, they distinguish themselves by spirited song and the characteristic call note, a sharp tsip.

Flowering Dogwood ~ Cornus florida
The Flowering Dogwood is a small tree with spreading branches. Its flowers are very tiny and greenish-yellow, and they grow in a compact bunch. In their bud state, during the preceding winter, the group is protected by four small brown bracts which cover them snugly. When the winter is over, these bracts begin to grow and the change color, until finally they reach a width of three to four inches and are white or pale pink. Then the inconspicuous true flowers open their four petals for visiting insects. In the autumn, Dogwood foliage turns rich shades of red and its fruit turns a vibrant scarlet.

From The Wildflowers of the 50 States U.S. stamps issued July 24, 1992:

Virginia State Flower and Bird
Virginia Wildflower - Virginia Bluebells. Art from the 50-stamp series, State Birds and Flowers, issued April 14, 1982 simultaneously in all state capitals.