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Spring Dawn Hyacinth Bulb Collection

SKU: AM018448
per Collection of 24
Now shipping to zones 2-10.
The Spring Dawn Hyacinth Bulb Collection brings together heirloom favorites and modern classics for weeks of soft pastel colors in the mid-spring garden. A tapestry of pink, yellow, apricot, and white blooms emerge at the same time, filling the garden with their heavenly perfume. Bees adore the long-lasting flowers, which make beautiful bouquets. Easy to grow in containers or garden beds, Hyacinths are deer and rabbit resistant. Collection of 24 bulbs. (Hyacinthus orientalis)
key features
Botanical Name
Hyacinthus orientalis
Growing Zones
Zone 4, Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8
Bee Friendly, Deer Resistant, Easy To Grow, Fragrant, Container Planting, Good For Forcing
Light Requirements
Full Sun, Half Sun / Half Shade
Mature Height
7-12" tall
Bloom Time
Mid spring


Our Spring Dawn Hyacinth Bulb Collection colors the mid-spring garden in soft pastels. We recommend planting these bulbs in large masses and mixing the colors throughout the planting for a natural appearance. Site close to pathways and patios, where you can enjoy the sweet fragrance of spring. Hyacinth also make excellent container plantings that are perfect for spring décor. In the garden, plant bulbs in full sun or partial shade in a loamy, well-drained soil. Plants require adequate drainage to prevent bulbs from rotting during the dormant season. Hyacinth are hardy in zones 4 through 8. To encourage flowering for years to come, allow foliage to die down naturally after blooms rather than cutting it down early. The foliage provides nutrients for future growth and blooms. We recommend wearing gloves when handling hyacinth bulbs as they can irritate the skin. 


Our Spring Dawn Hyacinth Bulb Collection is roughly 4 sq ft , and contains 24 bulbs:

6 x 'Gipsy Queen' Hyacinth
6 x 'Gipsy Princess' Hyacinth
6 x 'China Pink' Hyacinth
6 x 'Carnegie' Hyacinth

*Plants are subject to change due to availability. If we make substitutions, we feature plants with similar attributes suitable to the collection design.